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Whether a work is still a rough draft or has been through several iterations, another set of eyes can help find and resolve trouble areas.

Developmental Editing provides a strategic review of a work, focusing on its structure, characters, arcs, and readability.

Substantive Editing digs much deeper to identify specific story problems, character inconsistencies, plot holes, organizational issues, and writing analyses.

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Beta Reading

Think your work is ready for the publisher but want to have it reviewed one more time just to be sure?

Beta Reading can provide an unbiased review of the work, looking at plot structure and the main story beats, examining characters for believability and consistency in thought, action, and speech, reviewing settings and descriptions for clarity and choreography, and examining the writing for tension, pacing, and readability.

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Heinlein - Stranger in a Strange Land2 - 400px.jpg
Yarros - Iron Flame - 200px.jpg
Quinn - Paw and Order - 200px.jpg
Yarros - Fourth Wing - 200px.jpg
Quinn - The Sound and the Furry - 200px.jpg
Herbert - Dune 200px.jpg
King - Billy Summers - 200px.jpg
Connelly - Resurrection Walk - 200px.jpg
Nayler - The Mountain In the Sea - 200px.jpg
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