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Gold Rush Literary Awards
Winner for Science Fiction!


That's right! My manuscript for The Osect Indiscretion won this year's Colorado Gold Rush Literary Award for Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Speculative Fiction. Woo hoo!

A finalist last year as well, I updated and polished the opening two chapters to better capture the mood, action, and attributes of Deg Sulstorm, the main character. The work paid off, and I am thrilled. I'll be tirelessly working to include all the wonderful feedback I received in order to start pitching the story to agents -- and I've already got some leads! Hopefully, this manuscript will find itself as a published novel in the near future.

If you're wondering what the book's about, the story follows Deg Sulstorm, a customer service agent, and his trusty A.I. dog and sidekick Mads as they help alien tourists visit Earth incognito. But when a demanding client is burgled, Deg and Mads quickly discover that the client brought something to Earth he shouldn't have and that other alien factions want it for themselves. Deg and Mads must face off against the alien baddies in a race against time with galactic implications.


Couldn't miss the opportunity to read Stephen King's latest book!

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Slayton - White Trash Warlock - 400px-72dpi.jpg
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