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The Osect Indiscretion


Book one of The Sulstoirme Accounts, The Osect Indiscretion introduces intrepid customer service agent, Deaglan 'Deg' Sulstoirme.  Employed by the Galactic Immersion Tours Company, Deg resolves routine travel issues for incognito aliens visiting Earth.

When a client is burgled during their stay, Deg investigates to find more than just family jewelry has been stolen.  In a race with a ghastly alien hitman to find the treasure, Deg and Mads, his trusty A.I. dog, enlist the help of several unsuspecting humans to recover the prize and save the galaxy.  

Just another day at the office.



Joy to the Worlds


Take your pick of maniacal Christmas bots, unexpected visitors from other worlds, omnipotent in-laws over for dinner, or a time travel mission gone terribly wrong.  Or perhaps you prefer festive androids, an unusual champion of might, genetic breakthroughs, or a celebration of a traditional nativity on a future colony. 

Will you suffer holiday misery or enjoy the seasonal festivities? Do the spirits of Christmas bring loneliness and heartache, or cheer and laughter? Whether you simply endure December or fully celebrate the holidays, this anthology of thirteen yuletide tales is sure to satisfy your speculative fiction craving and make your winter a little brighter.

Includes Mr. Cushing's Guiding Flight, a tale of time travel gone horribly wrong yet affecting history in an unexpected way, and The Champion of Arctica which envisions some of the festive trials it takes to become Santa.

The Joy to the Worlds speculative fiction holiday anthology of flash fiction from the Speculative Fiction Writers.

Out of Print


Second Law


Should you follow or break the Second Law?

And do you have a choice? Does the Second Law oppress the masses, govern the unruly, control behavior, or explain the workings of the universe?

This compilation of original short stories explores the mysteries of a myriad of Second Laws, including robots fighting for their rights, teenagers rebelling against on oppressive overlord, an immortal relinquishing his power to save a kingdom, the universe interfering with a romantic break-up, alien mutations engulfing a neighborhood, soldiers fighting psycho faeries, a necromancer struggling between duty to work and family, androids engaging in corporate espionage, greed and lust governing future humans, and a pilot finding himself among gods.

Includes Mr. Cushing's The Beacon, a tale of space pirates attempting to enforce their version of frontier justice - much to their surprise and peril.

Second Law is the second anthology from the Speculative Fiction Writers .

Out of Print


First Encounters


We wait for, dread, or stumble upon them.

First encounters with the unknown call forth exciting stories full of magic, horror, humor, and suspense. What happens when aliens, fantastical creatures, or strange objects interrupt ordinary life?

This collection offers ten original stories full of mysterious happenings, including an alien attempts to save earth, time travelers collect human sperm, a love-obsessed physicist creates his own reality, the ghost of Jimmy Hoffa offers sage advice, an alien visits the supermarket, a cruel merchant faces the feral undead, an aspiring writer fights an invading triangle, fire-breathing lizards save humanity, and a colony ark crashes on a hostile planet.

Includes Mr. Cushing's Blue Note G where an heirloom clarinet calls upon voodoo spirits to grant wishes, though not always as expected.

A publication of the Speculative Fiction Writers, First Encounters is available as both an e-Book and in paperback.

Out of Print

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