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Round 1 Reading List

All the Whys of Delilahs Demise - Neve Maslakovic - 200px.jpeg

All the Whys of Delilah's Demise

by Neve Maslakovic

BEFORE THE SUN HITS - Arthur Gregory - 200px.jpg

Before the Sun Hits

by Arthur Swan

Code of the Kyoushi - James Litherland - 200px.jpg

Code of the Kyoushi

by James Litherland

Derelict - Lisa Cohen - 200px.jpg


by L.J. Cohen

Earth Warden Cover - Tony James Slater - 200px.jpg

Earth Warden

by Tyler Aston

Europa - AuroraSpringer - 200px.jpg


by Aurora Springer

Genesis - CA Voss - 200px.jpg


by C.A. Voss

Ignite The Shadows - Ingrid Seymour - 200px.jpg

Ignite the Shadows

by Ingrid Seymour

Imprint -Janet Swan - 200px.jpg


by Janet Swan

Inish Carraig - Jo Zebedee - 200px.png

Inish Carraig

by Jo Zebedee

Lies the Guardians Tell - Herman Steuernagel - 200px.jpg

Lies the Guardians Tell

by Herman Steuernagel

Load Custom Character - Tyler R Lee - 200px.jpg

Load Custom Character

by Tyler R. Lee

Nexus Point - Krista Pimpinella - 200px.jpg

Nexus Point

by Krista Pimpinella

Omnilogos - Michele Amitrani - 200px.jpg


by Michele Amitrani

Predator Moon - JH Ramsay - 200px.jpg

Predator Moons

by J.H. Ramsay

Psycho Hose Beast - CD Gallant-King - 200px.jpg

Psycho Hose Beast From

Outer Space

by C.D. Gallant-King

Quantum Dark - RA Nargi - 200px.jpg

Quantum Dark

by R.A. Nargi

Qubit - Dan Yoder - 200px.png


by Finn Mack

Resistance - Mikhaeyla Kopievsky - 200px.jpg


by Mikhaeyla Kopievsky

Seattle Quake 92 - Marti Talbott - 200px.jpg

Seattle Quake 9.2

by Marti Talbott

Shadow of Mars - Gerhard Gehrke - 200px.jpg

Shadows of Mars

by I.O. Adler

Stray Cat Strut A Young Ladys Journey to Becoming a Pop-Up Samurai - Edgar Malboeuf - 200p

Stray Cat Strut

by RavensDagger

The Brickweavers - Joseph Williams - 200px.jpg

The Brickweavers

by J.F. Williams

The Crafting of Chess - Kit Falbo - 200px.jpg

The Crafting of Chess

by Kit Falbo

The Elitist Supremacy -Geetha Krishnan - 200px.jpg

The Elitist Supremacy

by Niranjan

The Lost Signal - Jennifer Sarai Fernandez Morales - 200px.PNG

The Lost Signal

by J.S. Fernández Morales

The Piranha Solution - John Triptych - 200px.jpg

The Piranha Solution

by John Triptych

The Road From Antioch - Pierre Pettinger - 200px.jpg

The Road from Antioch

by Pierre E. Pettinger, Jr.

Times Alibi Generic - Husky Harlequin - 200px.jpg

Time's Alibi

by Husky Harlequin

Viral Omnibus - Toby Bennett - 200px.jpg


by Knox & Bennett

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