Round 3 - Finalists

From 300 entrants to 30 semifinalists to 7 Finalists. Below are the seven books reaching the final stage of the inaugural SPSFC (in alphabetical order). All judges will read, review, and score each of these books to determine the ultimate winner. Keep tabs on real-time scoring at The SPSFC. Winners will be announced in July.

A Star Named Vega 400px.png

A Star Named Vega

by Benjamin J. Roberts

Captain Wu 400px.jpeg

Captain Wu Starship Nameless

by Patrice Fitzgerald

& Jack Lyster

Duckett and Dyer 400px.jpg

Duckett & Dyer - Dicks for Hire

by G.M. Nair

In the Orbit of Sirens 400px.jpg

In the Orbit of Sirens

by T.A. Bruno

Iron Truth 400px.jpg

Iron Truth

by S.A. Tholin

Monster of the Dark 400px.jpg

Monster of the Dark

by K.T. Belt

Steel Guardian 400px.jpg

Steel Guardian

by Cameron Coral