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Round 2 - Semifinalists

After much reading of amazingly creative stories and some tough decisions, Team Meteor has selected the following three books as semifinalists for the inaugural SPSFC (in alphabetical order):

All the Whys of Delilahs Demise 400px.jpeg

All the Whys of Delilah's Demise

by Neve Maslakovic

Resistance 400px.jpg


by Mikhaeyla Kopievsky

Shadow of Mars 400px.jpg

Shadows of Mars

by I.O. Adler

These three books join twenty-seven others advancing from the nine other team judges (listed below) to form the full slate of thirty semifinalists. Congratulations to all the authors advancing in the competition!

Team Tar Vol On

Dusk Mountain Blues 200px.jpg
Gates of Mars 200px.jpg
The Last Shadow 200px.jpg
Monster of the Dark 200px.jpg

Team Fantasy Faction

Captain Wu 200px.jpeg
What Branches Grow 200px.jpg
Daros 200px.jpg

Team At Boundary's Edge

Destroyer 200px.jpg
Mazarin Blues 200px.jpg
Age of Order 200px.jpg

Team Red Stars

Dog Country 200px.jpg
Of Cinder and Bone 200px.jpeg
Broken Ascension 200px.jpg

Team Book Invasion

Convergence 200px.jpg
Life on Planet Earth 200px.jpg
Dead Star 200px.jpg

Team FanFiAddict

In the Orbit of Sirens 200px.jpg
Zero Day Threat 200px.jpg
ARvekt 200px.jpg

Team Fantasy Book Critic

Iron Truth 200px.jpg
Steel Guardian 200px.jpg
A Touch of Death 200px.jpg

Team File 770

Lost Solace 200px.jpg
The Hammond Conjecture 200px.jpg
A Star Named Vega 200px.png

Team Space Lasagna

Duckett & Dyer 200px.jpg
The Dinosaur Four 200px.jpg
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